Digital Photography – Intermediate

One-to-one Lesson
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The intermediate course in photography concentrates its path on historic and theoretical knowledge of the evolution of photography from the early 1800s to the 2000s. During the lessons we will talk about the fundamental concepts of the history of the medium through the analysis of the main authors, artistic movements and different techniques. The goal of the course is being able to provide the student with a complete vision of the photographic medium and the evolution of its language, establishing a solid base for the linear comprehension of the late photography and contemporary art trends. The course is targeted at whoever wants to learn or improve their knowledge of photography and art from a historic and theoretical point of view. To participate in the lesson it is not necessary to have previous knowledge, however, the didactic program is recommended to the students who have already participated in the Basic Course in Photography or those who have already some basic notions regarding the medium. The Intermediate Course in Photography is designed for the students who want to start their own personal and professional research, built starting from solid technical and theoretical basic knowledge of the medium used. During the duration of the course thematic booklets regarding all the topics covered, readings to examine in depth the themes, bibliography and specific comparisons related to the student’s individual necessities will be delivered to the students.

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