One-to-one Lesson
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Lessons will be open to everyone (curious, enthusiasts, students of all levels or professionals) and no skills are needed to start, neither musical nor instrumental. The course includes the study and improvement of drum's basic technical notions, including: rudiments, rhythmic reading, groove and fills. It's possibile to use a pad or drums in itself (electronic or acoustic). Teaching materials and/or backing tracks are provided to be able to study individually after the lesson. Students can request to study or improove particular topics or specific tracks according to their needs. • Technique: Posture on the instrument. Sticks grip. Control of wrists, fingers and rebound. The techniques for playing the bass drum. • Rudiments: In-depth study of the four families of rudiments: Rolls, Diddles, Flams, Drags, and their application on the drumset. • Rhythmic Reading: Study of the various rhythmic groups in simple and compound time signatures. Study and analysis of scores dedicated to drums. • Coordination: Exercises for the independence of the four limbs. Combinations of notes between hands and feet. • Study of styles: Study of the rhythms and languages of the various musical styles: Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz and Latin, also with the help of backing tracks and songs.

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