Chiara Noschese

After a long career as the star of shows and musicals, in 2010 she debuted in Mamma Mia! in which she plays Donna. In 2011 she went behind the scenes for Stage Entertainment, becoming casting director, acting coach for Sister Act, then casting director and associate director for Saturday Night Fever. In 2012, he made her directorial debut with Affari di cuore, and in 2013 she is director for Juan Carlos Rubio’s TRES.
In 2014 she directed Best of Musical and made her debut with a new direction at the Spoleto Festival, with Seeking Signals of Love.
In 2013 she participated in the variety Tale and Quale Show.
In 2015 she is acting and performing coach in Forte Forte Forte for Rai 1, wanted by Raffaella Carrà. She then signed directing and adapting Il Piccolo Principe and wrote and directed The Blues Legend for Teatro Nazionale.
In 2016 she is casting director and artistic consultant for Footloose, and curates direction and text of The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland.
In 2017 she curates the direction of Flashdance, she also signed translation, adaptation, texts and lyrics; she curates texts and direction by Pinocchio, Cuor Connesso, always for Teatro Nazionale.
In 2018 she signed the direction of A Chorus Line, curating its translation and adaptation of texts and lyrics.
In 2019 she curates text and direction by Balliamo Sul Mondo The Musical, in collaboration with Ligabue, a famous italian singer and songwriter, and signed the direction of Singin’ in the Rain.
Since 2018 she has been Artistic Director of the Musical Academy Milano at the Teatro Nazionale.

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