Privacy Policy

Live on Stage S.r.l. intends to offer the best possible experience and, at the same time, has your heart at heart and it also produces your necessary data always safe. We are bound by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and we protect your personal information in compliance with the principles contained in the legislation. This information is intended to offer a clear vision of what data we collect, how it is used, our dedication to their protection, what your rights are and the right to control your personal information.

This information is applicable to the treatment of Live on Stage S.r.l. associated with regard to the personal data of its customers, suppliers, business partners and other registered natural persons. However, it is not intended for the processing of employees’ personal data as part of their employment relationship with Live on Stage S.r.l. .

1. What is meant by personal data?
Live on Stage S.r.l. considers personal data all the information that is presented to you and that personally identifies you, both individually and in combination with other information accessible to us as personal data.

2. What types of personal data do we collect?
We collect personal data about you through a variety of sources, as well as when you purchase a lesson on our site, register for our newsletter or simply browse our site. We also collect personal data through cookies or similar technologies. Cookies are small information files stored on your device that save and retrieve news about your visits to the website – for example, how you accessed our site, when and for how long you visited it , where you were at that moment, what is your IP ID, how did you navigate the site and what information aroused your interest. In the dedicated section you can find more in-depth information on how we use cookies. Name, contact details and other identifying information When you sign up for our newsletter on our website, book a lesson or contact us, we may collect some or all of the following information: your name, role / title / title and contact details. The latter could include your address, phone number or email address. Your personal account or registration details (functionality not currently available). When you create a personal account or register, we may store your login details, name and other information that you enter on the account creation or registration form, or information that we collect from your device. Information about your visits to our site or other digital media When you visit our site, we may record your IP ID, the type of browser used, the operating system, reference sites and use of applications. With your consent, we may also have access to some data stored within your device, such as location data. Your communication with us When you send us an e-mail or communicate with us via chat or via social media, we record your communication. When you call us (service currently unavailable), our customer service may record your questions, questions or complaints within our databases. We may also record phone calls for training purposes or to prevent or combat fraud. Social media information. Depending on the settings of your social networks, we may receive information from your social network providers. For example, when you register for our services using a social network account, we may receive your profile related to that social network, including your contact details, interests and contacts. For more information regarding the personal data we receive from your social networks providers and the right to make changes to the related settings you have configured, kindly check the site and the privacy policy of your social networks providers. You may choose to share information with us. For example, when you leave a comment dedicated to us on a social media, you express a rating in a customer survey or register to participate in a contest.

Live on Stage S.r.l. must qualify as the data controller of all personal data that fall within the scope of this information. Live on Stage S.r.l. may share your personal data with third parties, while still retaining responsibility for them, unless said personal data have been collected as part of an injunction or other legal obligation to share the same does not fall on Live on Stage S.r.l. .

We may use your personal data for different purposes, each of which is explained and illustrated below. It could be data that you have explicitly established that it was used, but also data that we have directly collected (for example, the data relating to your visits to our site). We then collect some information upon indication of the law or otherwise because it is necessary for the execution of our services on the website. Some information is collected on the basis of your consent. In the event that you do not allow us to collect all the information we request, we may not be able to effectively execute our services on the website.

1. To provide you with our services
The main reason we collect, use, retain and make personal information available is in order to provide you with the services on the website. On what legal bases do we process your personal data when we provide you with our services on the website? If you have purchased services from us, we will use personal information to: complete and fulfill the purchase contract, transmit your booking data, answer your questions and offer you the best possible service; register complaints; conduct statistical research; communicate with you (e.g. for details of the service; answer questions and complaints); send you information about our services and communications after taking lessons; use your data to confirm your booking for the lessons on the website.

2. To send you our newsletter
When you register to receive our newsletter or if you have purchased a service proposed by us, we will send you regular updates on the services on the site that may be of interest to you. We can update you by e-mail, by ordinary mail, WhatsApp or our social media channels. You have the right to unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time using the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the newsletter. On what legal bases do we process your personal data when we send you our newsletter? We process this personal information on the basis of your consent in the event that you have registered for our newsletter, or for communications regarding new incoming services and to increase, modify, customize or otherwise improve our services and communications to customers, for better understand how people interact better with us (through our communications or our site) and to establish the effectiveness of promotional and advertising campaigns.

3. To send you personalized marketing messages
After visiting our website, registering for our newsletter or sharing your contact details with us, we may send you direct marketing communications, by email, telephone or social media. We ask for your consent, when required by current law, to send personalized marketing communications. The messages you receive will be personalized and tailored to your individual interests and preferences. We use analytics to generate these personalized messages. These analytics will process your personal information and position you in market segments, which will establish the content of the messages and offers that you will receive from us. We also undertake to request your opinion (you may be asked to participate in a survey) in order to learn from your experience and improve it, which may include sending personalized messages. On what legal bases do we process your personal data when we send you personalized marketing messages? We process your personal information for purposes of legitimate interest, in order to forward interesting information about our services on the site, gifts or promotions and news related to the site that may be of interest for you.

4. To aggregate and analyze your data
We will use your personal data to create a profile based on the information we have about you, which is kept and processed within a central marketing database. This is necessary to ensure that you have accurately kept all the information about you in one place. We create your profile in accordance with your preferences in order to offer you the best personalized experience possible, to send you personalized marketing messages and the newsletter as well as for survey purposes. Below you can find a more detailed description of how we will use your personal information for these purposes. The way you and other customers interact with us and the data we collect about it provide us with valuable information about your interests and preferences and about the interests and preferences of customers in general. If you consent, we can link the information we collect with that which we quite legitimately obtain from third parties. On what legal bases do we process your personal data when we aggregate and analyze it? We process this personal information on the basis of your consent when requested, for example, if we connect our databases with those of third parties. We also process information based on our legitimate business interests, which includes the ability to increase, modify, customize or otherwise improve our services and communications to customers to better understand how people interact better with us (through our communications or our website), to establish the effectiveness of promotional and advertising campaigns and to identify and prevent fraud.

5. For the development and improvement of our services
We use aggregated personal data to analyze customer behavior and to adapt our services accordingly. We can also process your data to compile analytics reports. We can analyze how often you read our newsletter, how often you access our site, which pages you open, to understand which services on the site are of interest to you. We also test the level of satisfaction of our customers, using surveys. We use your responses to these surveys to evaluate quality and improve customer experience. Based on the above information, we can calibrate our offers, promotions, our newsletters or our website to make it more interesting and attractive for customers. On what legal bases do we process your personal data? We treat this personal information based on legitimate business interests, which includes the ability to increase, modify, customize or otherwise improve our services and communications to customers to better understand how people interact better with us (through our communications or our sites), to establish the effectiveness of promotional and advertising campaigns and to identify and prevent fraud.

6. To comply with the law
In some cases Live on Stage S.r.l. processes your personal data in order to comply with legal obligations and regulations. It may be the case, for example, in which tax regulations or related obligations related to entrepreneurial activity apply. To comply with laws and regulations, we may be forced to disclose your personal data to state authorities or control bodies. On what legal bases do we process your data? We treat this personal information on the basis of legal obligations that invite us to collect and make this type of information available.

7. When you interact directly with Live on Stage S.r.l.
If you contact us (or vice versa), we will use personal information such as your lesson booking data and contact history to manage your requests in the best possible way. We will treat your personal information in this way if it is necessary for the execution of a contract with Live on Stage S.r.l. or if it is required for compliance with a legal obligation.

8. When you establish a business relationship with us
You may provide personal information to Live on Stage S.r.l. based on a contract or a broader business relationship. In this part of the information, we illustrate how we can process this type of data. For the evaluation and approval of a business partner When you get in touch with Live on Stage S.r.l., we process your information for evaluation and approval purposes, for example in order to confirm and verify your identity. Live on Stage S.r.l. it also processes personal data of business partners for other administrative purposes, such as due diligence and checks towards the publicly accessible lists of sanctions of the government and law enforcement agencies. For the conclusion and execution of agreements with business partners, we process your personal data for administrative purposes such as sending invoices and making payments. We also use your personal data to deliver, receive and manage our or your services. Live on Stage S.r.l. will process your personal data to further execute our agreement, including the success of the customer service. For administration and marketing relationships Live on Stage S.r.l. uses the information stored in its CRM database in order to send you suitable offers and newsletters, to provide services, manage the customer portfolio, communicate recalls. We also use your personal data for the development, execution and analysis of market surveys and marketing strategies. For the execution of business processes, we process your data for the execution and organization of our business.

Live on Stage S.r.l. also processes your personal data for its own internal administration. We provide CPF (central processing Facilities) in order to work more efficiently. We conduct audits and investigations, controls to implement the business, manage and use lists of customers, suppliers and business partners. We also use your personal data for purposes related to the financial, accounting, insurance and archival reasons, as well as for legal and business consultancy and dispute resolution purposes. To monitor compliance Live on Stage S.r.l. monitors its IT systems to verify compliance with internal policies and regulations, such as the Code of Conduct, the Privacy policy and the Information Security Policy. During the monitoring activities, your personal data may be made accessible and viewed.

1. Access to your personal data within Live on Stage
Live on Stage S.r.l. employees they are authorized to access personal data only to the extent useful to pursue the established purposes and perform their duties.

2. Access to your personal data by third parties
The following third parties may have access to your personal data, where this is relevant, for the supply of their products and services to Live on Stage or
to you such as:
parts that provide lessons for customers for us;
parts that assist Live on Stage S.r.l. in its marketing activities, such as digital agencies, companies that offer mailing services, statistical research
partners, Google and Facebook;
authorized representatives who sell services on our behalf, as identified by the person from whom you purchase the services;
debt collectors;
anti-fraud agency, and other bodies responsible for identifying, investigating, preventing scams and other offenses;
external dispute resolution strategies;
regulatory bodies, government agencies and law enforcement agencies;
our financial, legal and auditors consultants;
operators of bank payment systems and credit card companies, for the arrangement of payments, as identified at the time the payment is made;
insurance companies;
IT providers that perform hosting services for our customers’ databases as well as website and technology services providers;
other third parties with whom the law requires us to share data.
We may also share your personal information with other third parties outside the Live on Stage S.r.l. group. where:
we are required to do so or are authorized by law or have a public duty to do so;
you have expressly consented to it or consent has been reasonably inferred from the circumstances;
otherwise we have been allowed to make the information available in compliance with the applicable laws on the processing of personal data.
When these third parties are allowed to access your personal data, we take appropriate contractual, technical and organizational measures to ensure that your data is processed to the extent necessary and within the purposes for which we obtained from consent. We ensure that third parties will process your personal data in compliance with applicable local laws. Unless otherwise specified, we store and process your personal data exclusively within the European Union.

3. The use of your personal data by the data processors
In the event that a third party processes your personal data on behalf of Live on Stage S.r.l., we will enter into an agreement with the aforementioned third party in order to agree on appropriate conditions which the same must comply with and within which the treatment will be allowed. This agreement will include obligations to ensure that your personal data is processed by the manager solely for the purpose of offering services to us.

Live on Stage S.r.l. has taken appropriate measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of your personal data. We have implemented appropriate technical, physical and organizational measures to protect personal data from incidents of accidental or unlawful destruction or loss, damage, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access, as well as from other forms of illegitimate treatment (including – but not limited to). a – unnecessary collection or further processing). Examples of these measures are the security policy, staff training and server security.

Your personal data will be kept for as long as it is required for the pursuit of the purposes described in this statement or until it is necessary to comply with legal obligations and to settle disputes.

You can at any time request access, rectification, limitation, portability or cancellation of the data that Live on Stage S.r.l. deals or, in case you have any request for clarification concerning the processing of your personal data, by addressing the request to: [email protected]. In case you prefer to contact us by regular mail please write to the following address: Live on Stage S.r.l. – Via San Damiano, 9 – 20122 Milan. In case of any complaints that should be registered with reference to the processing of your personal data, we would in any case always endeavor to obtain a good-natured composition of the position. In the event that you believe you have not received adequate assistance in relation to this, you will in any case have the right to lodge a complaint with the Privacy Guarantor Authority (